Why We Are Here

Plymouth is a modern, urban church. Our members do not come to church reflexively, out of obligation or to meet social expectations. They come for a reason. So, in reflecting upon our identity as a church during this period of transition, we asked our members a simple question: Why is Plymouth a part of your life? We found the responses, some of which are included here, to be reflective not only of Plymouth today, but also of where we are heading and of the needs of people we have the opportunity to reach.

Our members come to Plymouth because it is a “welcoming” place and a “spiritual home” characterized by a “warmth of spirit,” a strong “tradition of social justice,” and a “sense of welcoming, fellowship, stability, and serenity that is hard to find in a church.” It is a place to “put down roots” and “always feel safe,” a place where children can “grow up in faith.” Plymouth is an “open and accepting” “family,” a source of “emotional and spiritual sustenance,” and “a cornerstone to keep us grounded.” Even a first-time visitor recently remarked upon having been “touched by a feeling of intimacy and authenticity” at Plymouth. Many members mentioned our terrific music in Sunday worship. Plymouth “inspires and renews” our families, and “restores [our] soul[s],” providing a time for “reflection each week in the midst of a hectic life.” Plymouth also provides “opportunities for outreach” and a “community of kind and intelligent people, who greet [one another] every week with concern and joy.” It is “an oasis from everyday life,” a “place to give thanks.” Or, as one member put it, “Plymouth saved my life.”


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