Growing Together

Growing Together

Learning together, serving together, and caring for each other

Ministries led by our members:

The Membership & Fellowship Ministry is the heart of the Plymouth community. Their work includes welcoming and assimilating new members, organizing bi-annual membership classes, welcome breakfasts and cocktail parties; hosting the weekly coffee hour after Sunday service; organizing an annual church-wide Harvest Dinner and other receptions throughout the year; and cooking and delivering homemade meals for families, new mothers, and the infirm.

Yankee Fair / Harvest Dinner. Yankee Fair is a church-wide, community-building event comprised of four major components: a street fair organized and hosted by Plymouth Church School, a holiday/flea market in the Gym, a hot lunch organized, sold and served by members in Hillis Hall, and tours of Plymouth offered by the History Ministry. Yankee Fair is a longtime highlight in the life of Plymouth and embraces the entire community: young and old, church and school, tenured members and those newly joined. We also invite our neighbors and the local community to attend as well, thus serving as an opportunity for outreach. For many years, Yankee Fair was an annual event but due to the huge amount of volunteers and coordination required, it was scaled back to a bi-annual event starting in 2012. During these alternating years, the church holds a Harvest Dinner fittingly in the fall, as an evening of pure fellowship, friends, food, and autumnal celebration.

History Ministry: Plymouth Church was founded as the US was being torn apart by slavery, soon to enter a Civil War. Its first minister, Henry Ward Beecher, was a towering national figure as a powerful abolitionist and preacher.

The History Ministry attempts to keep Plymouth’s legacy in context and to ensure that history is not lost, while creating events relevant today that commemorate the church’s place in history. One such commemorative event was held in February 2013, as Plymouth marked the 50th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King’s speech at Plymouth Church. The program included showing the documentary “Slavery and the Law” followed by a presentation with the opportunity to hear a recording of King’s speech, “The American Dream,” originally given on February 10, 1963 with 1,400 worshipers in attendance. Ongoing activities of the History Ministry include: giving tours to school groups and visitors (more than 3,500 in 2012), managing the church’s archival collection, continuing to document historical stories, and managing the church’s artistic treasures, including paintings and Tiffany windows. A full-time volunteer historian, who is also a member of the church, oversees the History Ministry programs.

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