Senior Minister Search Statement

Plymouth Church seeks a new Senior Minister following the retirement of its most recent Senior Minister of nine years. The position offers rich opportunities and engaging challenges to the right candidate. Since September 2013, Plymouth’s Transition Task Force, the church governing council, and the congregation have reflected, studied, and prayed in an effort to discern God’s will for Plymouth Church, its congregation, and its role in healing our troubled world.

In May 2014, as part of the Church’s annual meeting, the congregation endorsed the church overview and profile that follow here. It also voted on and embraced a Search Committee to lead the search for a new Senior Minister.

Plymouth Church is a Congregational Church gathered in 1847 and led by the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher from that year until 1887. It continues as an autonomous Congregational Church, a member of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches. We are also in fellowship with the Metropolitan Association of the United Church of Christ. A vibrant, growing church, Plymouth is located in Brooklyn Heights, a thriving neighborhood across the East River from lower Manhattan. View Church History

The Plymouth Covenant
Plymouth Church is a covenantal (rather than creedal) community, bound together by our Church Covenant (The Salem Covenant, A.D. 1629). Plymouth’s Covenant is both an individual and a collective guide in the development of relationships with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit and with other members.

“We covenant with the Lord and with one another, and do bind ourselves in the presence of God, to walk together in all His ways, according as He is pleased to reveal Himself unto us in His blessed word of truth.”

When we say these words together as a congregation, we seek to understand what this covenant means to us as members of the faith community. More important, we strive to seek and to live the Plymouth Covenant as part of our daily lives.

Mission Statement
As Plymouth began experiencing renewal and growth over the past 10 years, the church leadership felt a need for a more relevant mission statement. This led to a comprehensive effort resulting in the following statement, adopted in 2010.

At Plymouth Church, Our Mission Is:

  • to KNOW GOD by placing Jesus Christ at the center of our lives through worshiping God, studying God’s Word, and responding to God’s call;
  • to GROW TOGETHER in community by learning together, serving together, and caring for each other;
  • to LIVE OUT OUR FAITH boldly and generously by pursuing God’s shalom in the world.

We use this mission statement to guide worship, ministries, programming, policy decisions, fellowship, and outreach in our community and around the world.

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