Job Description

Senior Minister Job Description 

The Senior Minister is responsible to the church for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for using his or her skills in administrative and spiritual leadership, for engaging in pastoral care ministries to meet the needs of people in the church and in the community, and for acting as the chief administrator of the ministerial and administrative staff.

Desired Qualifications

Following a period of prayerful and church-wide reflection, we are looking for a new Senior Minister who is, first and foremost, a preacher of true distinction: one whose messages on Sunday mornings will challenge and inspire us spiritually and intellectually and whose own robust and durable Christian faith will lead our congregation further along the path of Christ, deepening our commitment to God and one another, attracting new members to our fold, and demonstrating for us the joy of putting our faith into action. We seek a preacher of courage and substance—one who is thrilled at the prospect of preaching the Gospel in New York City, who is as excited to reach the skeptical and unchurched as to encounter the devout and who willingly takes on difficult theological issues when discipleship to Christ demands it.

We seek someone who loves easily and who loves us, with passion and vision for Plymouth’s potential as a community of believers and in doing God’s work. We seek someone who has a heart for children and families, but who can be equally comfortable and engaged ministering to all segments of our congregation, from seniors to singles to youth. We seek someone who, like Reverend Beecher, appreciates the transformative power of music in worship.

At the same time, we seek a Senior Minister who is a calm and experienced administrator and a strong communicator, leader, and consensus-builder, with a proven ability to navigate difficult situations with skill and integrity, authority and tact. We need someone who will represent Plymouth well in the broader community, religious and otherwise, in Brooklyn and beyond.

Basic Duties and Expectations

The Senior Minister’s duties will include serving as a voting member of the Church Council in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and evaluating the total church program; providing administrative leadership for the total church program; maintaining a regular program of study to enable himself or herself to plan and conduct meaningful worship services; preparing for and conducting worship services; leading the church in proclaiming the Gospel to the church and the community; visiting members and prospective members and leading the membership in a visitation program; supervising other members of the church staff according to staff organization; conducting premarital, vocational, family, and bereavement counseling sessions, etc., as needed and advising other professional help when necessary; performing wedding ceremonies and conducting funeral services; working with Church Council and committees in performing assigned responsibilities; leading Bible and/or spiritual development classes; leading staff training sessions as needed; keeping the church informed of developments within the denominational association; and serving as a representative of the church in civic matters.

It is expected and required that the settled Senior Minister live close to the church in Brooklyn. At present, the church owns and provides a townhouse parsonage across the street from the church. If appropriate, alternate living arrangements may be negotiated.


The Senior Minister will be accountable to the Congregation and the Church Council and has as direct reports the Assistant Minister, Executive Administrator, Director of Ministry to Families and Children, Minister of Music, and the Director of Plymouth Church School.

The Open Position

Job Title:  Senior Minister
Position Availability:   Immediate
Salary:   Competitive
Benefits:   Health and Disability Insurance, Retirement / 401K / Pension Contribution, Parsonage expenses, monthly parking stipend, Paid Time Off (vacation), Other


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