Theology at Plymouth

Plymouth Church is a Christian congregation founded founded in 1847. We are a Protestant church grounded solidly in the Reformed-Congregational tradition with a confessional foundation that professes Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Our social framework is one of Christian faith at work in people and the world.

We strive to be a “Historic Christian Church” believing what the church “has always and in every place believed.” We are theologically “centrist” and articulate God in a traditional Trinitarian way.

Plymouth began as a Congregational Church and continues in the The Congregational Way, making us heirs of the Pilgrims, the Puritans, and the theological descendants of the English Protestant Reformation. That tradition believes that every person has a direct relationship with God. Congregational governance and polity express that belief through the autonomy of each congregation to manage itself without denominational oversight, direction, or requirements. Congregationalists believe that each congregation is free and independent before God and that every congregation and every congregant, seeks to discern God’s will for itself, himself, or herself. To that end, Plymouth crafted a new mission statement in 2010.

As an urban church, Plymouth is a diverse congregation whose members come from a variety of theological, denominational, and religious traditions. We value preaching that speaks to the spectrum of theological perspectives within our pews and that seeks to bring the congregation together on “classical” Christian common ground.

Plymouth Church is a covenantal rather than creedal community, bound together by our Church Covenant (The Salem Covenant, AD 1629).  Plymouth’s Covenant is both an individual and a collective guide in the development of relationships with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit and with other members. In subscribing to Plymouth’s Covenant, members agree to “walk together in all His ways” and to allow personal and church direction to be revealed “in His blessed word of truth.”

To share the support and kinship of other churches in the same tradition, Plymouth Church is a member of the The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches and are in fellowship with The Metropolitan Association of the United Church of Christ.

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