Class Review

Wednesday 10 – 11 am / 9 August – Core Conditioning

Challenge level: 2/5

Another class with Dolores! A bit more of challenging than her Hatha Yoga class, the goal is pretty self explanatory. Core Conditioning is designed to improve your balance and functional mobility. You will be using exercise balls and light weights to work your obliques, abs and back. Great for all ages and all fitness levels, this class is a good supplement to your summer fitness routine.

Tuesday 9 – 10 am / 8 August – Hatha Yoga with Dolores

Challenge Level: 1/5

Breathing exercises, slow stretching… this is the perfect class to take after something challenging such as Tabata! Hatha is meant to facilitate physical and spiritual alignment. The instructor, Dolores, has recently earned a new yoga qualification and has pioneered various yoga-based physical therapy practices, so there is a lot to learn. This class is popular so be sure to get there on time. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Monday 5 – 6 pm / 7 August – Tabata with Nikki

Challenge Level: 5/5

A Japanese HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, this class will leave you breathless. This class is well worth the challenge. The instructor Nikki is remniscent of an inspirational sports coach as she pushes you to finish your burpees and jump squats. This class is great for people looking for a fully body, cardiovascular and calisthenics based workout. Expect to burn a lot of calories and to wake up sore the next day.

Friday 9:15 – 10:15 am / 4 August – Barre with Jen

Challenge Level: 4/5

Prepare for a no barre barre class. It entails many plank variations and will work your core, shoulders and hips. There’s a good chance your limbs will be shaking! Jen blends pilates and barre techniques to give you a serious full body workout.

Thursday 6 – 7 pm / 3 August – Pilates with Ebony

Challenge Level: 3/5

Pilates with a serious focus on core exercises. The instructor, Ebony, will make everything look easy but you will be walking away sore. This class is relaxing yet invigorating and will serve to improve your overall strength and flexibility.

Tuesday 5 – 5:45 pm / 1 August – Spin with Vinny feat. Lady Gaga

Challenge Level: 4/5

This class is for serious fans of Lady Gaga. The instructor, Vinny, incorporates his knowledge of yoga and guides you through imaginary hills and the singer’s extensive discography. This class will you leave sweaty and with a renewed appreciation for Lady Gaga’s impressive range. Vinny will be teaching on Tuesday’s @ 5 pm and Thursdays @ 10:15 am. There’s no doubt you will have some new songs stuck in your head 😉